STD test near me

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STD test near me

Test yourself quickly and reliably for STDs. Our blood test includes a test for HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, herpes or hepatitis. Choose from more than 80 collection points accros whole Czech Republic. There are over 20 collection points only in Prague.

Choose your STD test, time, nearest collection point and avoid queues

Sexually transmitted diseases (called also STDs) are infectious diseases that are spread through unprotected sexual contact with an infected person. We offer 3 examination options. These differ in the range of laboratory tests. The BASIC variant detects antibodies for hepatitis B and C or antibodies for syphilis. The PLUS variant is already extended with antibodies to HIV or the liver parameter AST. In the most detailed variant EXPERT, antibodies to HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, herpesvirus or liver biochemical parameters AST and ALT are tested.

Varianta PLUS rozšiřuje základní verzi testu na pohlavně přenosné choroby o detekci HIV. Další součástí vyšetření jsou též jaterní testy a vyšetření laboratorních parametrů pro hepatitidu B a C. V rámci varianty PLUS vyšetřujeme 8 laboratorních parametrů. 

Počet parametrů: 8
Co budeme odebírat: krev
Výsledek obdržíte: do 2 pracovních dnů

Varianta EXPERT rozšiřuje laboratorní testy na pohlavně přenosné choroby o laboratorní parametry na detekci chlamydií či herpes virus. Součástí laboratorních vyšetření je detekce HIV, jaterní testy a vyšetření protilátek u hepatitidy B nebo C. V rámci varianty EXPERT vyšetřujeme…

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Počet parametrů: 13
Co budeme odebírat: krev
Výsledek obdržíte: do 10 pracovních dnů

Jeden odběr krve obsahuje vyšetření 3 onemocnění, která se mohou přenášet pohlavní cestou - syfilis, hepatitida B (žloutenka B) a hepatitida C. Součástí balíčku jsou i jaterní testy. Další varianty balíčku vyšetření PLUS či EXPERT, obsahují diagnostiku a detekci přítomnosti HIV,…

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Počet parametrů: 6
Co budeme odebírat: krev
Výsledek obdržíte: do 2 pracovních dnů

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What are sexually transmitted diseases (also known as STDs)

Sexually transmitted diseases are infectious diseases that are spread through sexual contact with an infected person. They can be caused by bacteria, viruses or parasites and often affect the genitals, urethra, rectum, mouth and throat.

The different venereal diseases and their symptoms


  • Symptoms of primary syphilis: A painful sore at the site of entry of the infection, often in the genital area or mouth.
  • Symptoms of secondary syphilis: Rash, fever, fatigue, muscle pain, swollen lymph nodes.

Chlamydia trachomatis

Often without symptoms. Chlamydia can cause burning when urinating, abdominal pain, and discharge from the urethra or cervix.


  • Initial infection: resembles flu - fever, fatigue, muscle and joint pain.
  • Advanced stage: Decreased immune function, frequent infections, nausea, weight loss.

Herpes simplex virus

Symptoms for both types of herpes virus (HSV-1 and HSV-2): Painful cold sores on genitals or face, itching, burning.

How are venereal diseases transmitted?

Sexually transmitted diseases are mainly transmitted through unprotected sexual contact with an infected person. This includes vaginal, oral or anal sex. Transmission is also possible through contact with infected body fluids such as blood, semen or vaginal secretions. Some diseases, such as HIV, can also be transmitted through sharing needles or from mother to child during pregnancy or childbirth. 

Protection against STDs or STIs includes condom use, limiting the number of sexual partners and regular STD testing, especially if you have a new sexual partner.

Where to get tested for STDs?

You can get tested at more than 80 locations across the country. 

How much does STD test cost?

The price of the STD test starts at 1 049 CZK for the cheapest variant (BASIC) and ends at 2 499 CZK for the most comprehensive variant (EXPERT). It already includes complete STDs such as HIV, chlamydia, syphilis, hepatitis or herpes. The price is final and there are no additional charges for collection or separation of the serum

STD test in Prague

In Prague alone we have more than 20 sampling points. Choose a collection point which is nearest to you. We are almost in every city district across whole city. 

The two most popular collections points in Prague are Antala Staška and Spálená which is in real city center near Karlovo náměstí. But we are also in Prague in other parts of the city. 

  • in Prague 1 we have 1 collection point
    • Spálená
  • in Prague 2 we have 1 collection point
    • Kateřinská
  • in Prague 3 we have 3 collection points
    • Hartigova (formerly Koněvova), Olšanská and Vinohradská
  • in Prague 4 we have 5 collection points
    • Antala Staška, Čs. Exilu, Hviezdoslavova, Roškotova, Zárubova
  • in Prague 5 we have 5 collection points
    • Elišky Přemyslovny, Hostinského, Krškova, Sluneční náměstí, U Dvou srpů
  • n Prague 6 we have 5 collection points
    • Brixiho, Jugoslávských partyzánů, Pod Marjánkou, Vítězné náměstí, Žukovského
  • in Prague 7 we have 1 collection point
    • Plynární
  • in Prague 8 we have 1 collection point
    • Mazurská
  • in Prague 9 we have 4 collection points
    • Frýdecká, Lovosická, Sokolovská, Vajgarská
  • and in Prague 10 we have 3 collection points
    • Ohmova, Ukrajinská, Nové náměstí

Choose the most nearest point in Prague to you and select STD test which fits to you.

STD test in Brno

In Brno, we have 1 collection point right in the city centre. You can find us in Jánská street which is very close to Náměstí Svobody and Zelný trh. In Brno, Jánská we have open daily from 6:30am to 11:30am and you can choose from all STD tests in our offer.